2016 Winter Sports Competition

On December 15th, 2016, the winter sports competition 2016 of Huayin Group was successfully held.

The competition began with exciting tug-of-war, this was a two out of three game. All members were divided into two teams, each team member were doing their best to played their part. After two times matches, team B made the final victory. They all cheered and received hearty rounds of applause. Whether winning or losing, this was a valuable experience to us all, and also the embodiment of group cohesiveness. Besides of tug-of-war, we had other events like ping-pang playing, basketball playing, rope skipping, running and other entertaining events.


In the cooperation and joint efforts, this half day’s intense competition got a successful completion. Team A got the final victory in this competition. The outstanding individual and team received their awards from Huayin CEO Mr. Guo. In this cold winter, games made us more active, and also let us realize the importance of health. In this process, we got incomparable joy and endless fun. Everyone was looking forward to the next competition!