American Customer Visit

American customer visit our company from 2019 February 13-19th. He only visited us this time and wants to recycle different waste plastic to diesel.


He has a plan to recycle the waste plastic which float on the Amazon river. The machines will be installed on ship and in this way the ship can run along the river and to recycle plastic as many as possible.

His initial plan is to recycle 30 ton plastic per day, this will need 3 sets 10 ton machine together. 


Plastic waste pollution has been affected our life from many aspects, the micro plastic which we can't see visually, eated by fish and finally go into people's stomach. 

Pyrolysis is a very effective solution to recycle plastic waste and derive usable diesel, which can be put into diesel vehicles and generators. This solution has been tested many times and it is quite feasible and successful. 


Except this, there are millions tons of waste plastic from paper mill, also can be recycled by Pyrolysis.



We are professional to recycle all kinds of plastic waste and protect our unique planet.

Let us do it and please contact with us if you have access to the plastic waste.